Our Expertise

Engineering Geology

The principal role of engineering geology is to generate site specific engineering geological models. This is done by the observation and interpretative assessment of various landforms, features and earth processes to identify geological hazards (geohazards) and their potential adverse effects on lives, properties and infrastructure. The field of engineering geology is mainly focused around the interaction of human activities, and the earth beneath and around us.

Earthtech has been working in the field of engineering geology for the past 25 years' and has contributed to projects all over New Zealand and abroad. Here at Earthtech, we can service a variety of projects ranging from small scale subdivisions and new builds, to larger commercial works, civilian infrastructure projects, and more.

The company undertakes site investigations and assessments which can include:

Investigation techniques include:

  • Hand auger bores
  • Shear vane testing
  • Scala penetrometer testing
  • Test pits
  • CPT profiles
  • Insitu machine drilled boreholes
  • Downhole testing
  • Insitu permeability (soakage) testing and soil
  • Rock and water laboratory testing